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Dependency Law Services in Miami, Florida

Dependent Child

What Is Dependency Law?

Dependency law regulates the relationships between dependents and their legal guardians. Often, dependents are children, minors or individuals who are legally unable to make decisions on their own behalf. When abuse, neglect, drug use, abandonment, or another issue arises, the state will determine to intervene in these relationships for the safety of the dependent. If your family is undergoing a dependency law issue, turn to the experts at Abramowitz & Associates for help.

Keeping You and Your Loved Ones Safe

The purpose of dependency law is to keep dependents safe from harm. Life is full of unexpected circumstances and there may be times that you, a parent or a legal guardian, are unable to provide the care that a dependent needs. No matter what your particular circumstances may be, it is always important to get trusted advice from a professional lawyer. We are ready to help you and your family through every stage of dependency cases.

What Is the Court Looking For?

In dependency cases, it is the responsibility of the court to determine whether a dependent is safe with their legal guardians. While they make this decision, they may remove the dependent from their home. It is usually the court’s preference to place the dependent with another family member while they review the evidence. At Abramowitz & Associates, we specialize in visitation rights, case resolution, foster care issues, guardianship, and parental rights. We will aggressively defend your rights.

Professional, Trustworthy Legal Assistance

The highly experienced attorneys at Abramowitz & Associates are here to help you. No matter what the specifics of your family’s case may be, we will do everything possible to make the justice system work for you. Call our team today to put us to work for you.