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Relocation and Family Law Experts in Miami, Florida


What to Know Before You Move

When two parents do not live together, child custody settlements will determine where their child will live. If one of the parents decides to move to a new location, the child’s custody settlement may be impacted. In these situations, it may be necessary for both parents to agree to this change. The court may also be required to re-evaluate where the child will live and what is in the best interests of the affected dependents.

Getting the Legal Help You Need

Many factors may come into play with relocation matters and child custody. Both parents may agree with the move. If not, the court may weigh the proposed new distance between parents, visitation schedules, travel costs, and any other required modifications to the original child custody settlement. Due to the complexity and uncertainty of these cases, it is important for you to have legal counsel you can trust. The team at Abramowitz & Associates is ready to help you make the right choices.

Personalized Help for Your Case

At Abramowitz & Associates, we specialize in personalizing our advice, assistance, and representation to your particular circumstances. Every family is unique, and we do everything possible to defend your rights and interests. We provide reliable, competent services and will aggressively pursue your case when necessary.

Turn to Your Family Law Experts

We have over 13 years' of experience working with people like you. We help families find acceptable resolutions to nearly all family law issues. It is always best to have clear-minded and experienced support in these situations. That’s why we’ve dedicated our entire practice to helping families find the best outcomes for their future. Call us today to schedule your appointment.